08 Mar 2012

Windows Server 8 – Start Button

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So I downloaded the Windows 8 Server – and have it installed – up and running on my 12 core, 24 GB memory, SSD box.  It’s a Dell T5500 – in case you were wondering.  It’s something in between a server and a desktop – called a workstation.  I love my machine.  It’s super fast – reliable.  And I am liking the Windows Server 8 on it as well.   In fact – I like Windows 8 so much that I don’t want to go back to anything else.

Many small things I am having to figure out as a newbie on Windows Server 8.  Example – I was hunting for the start button too… but…

1. I don’t think I am missing the start button.  I like the metro menu – just as good or better.  But if you are used to the old habit… you can pretend there is a start button.  If you hover the mouse below the left corner, a small icon for the Metro Menu shows up.  You have to take the mouse cursor below the task bar…

2. And if you are looking for the “Search” – you have to go the Metro screen – and hover on the little icon on the right bottom. This brings up a pane on the right with – what I think are called “Charms”.

That brings up the search /results. That’s how I found “Paint”.

It might seem like I am still using the older “thought-process” – but hey – I am making progress.

I guess – now the last piece in the puzzle is – where is the “Shutdown” button?  Well – on the Metro screen – bring up the charms and click on “Settings”. You will see the power button at the bottom.

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  1. BJ says:


    I noticed you had a hard time (as I did) finding the shutdown/restart button for win 8. I am running my Windows 8 machines on a hyper V box, but I have noticed if you do the ctrl + alt + del on this you bring up a window and the power button along with restart can be found in the lower right hand corner of the screen.

    Hope that helps!


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